Monday, November 13, 2006

Pride And Prejudice And Niggas

Arther C. Withernee, Correspondent for WEMW
Report 13 November 2006

Letter to Eddie Mair, BBC Radio 4, The PM show

Dear Eddie,

Re: the controversy around the the new play Pride and Prejudice and Niggas:
We're having a smal editorial

One thinks of the rhyme "Sticks and stones may break my bones etc"'s just a word. Of course, our current social mind set finds many reasons to conclude there is offence in many words. One of the latest paintings by NPP is called The Rude Word Painting, you can view it at:
It's not finished yet, but is an interesting exercise painting the rudest English words for a non-English speaking country. As written at the bottom of the painting: If you can't read English, you may like the colours - it's a colourful language.

15 or more years ago our resident NPP artist was emplyed as a DJ at The Marquee Club in Soho and he recalls a record from US musical group Niggers With Attitude titled Straight Outta Compton. They abreviated their name to NWA and so one solution might be to abreviate Pride and Prejudice and Niggas to PPN. Back then, even among liberal music business circles, there was much debate among critics for and against the group's name and their musical artform. Apparently we're still debating the same issues. There must be a company willing to sponsor the play's posters since it's been mentioned on BBC Radio 4's PM programme and few plays get that kind of start.
The BBC and the UK continue to allow public debate on sensitive issues. This latest episode is on a par with the ridiculous remarks recently made by the BNP. I don't require censorship to judge what is and is not appropriate for my own consumption. I know NPP (Ned Pamphilon Productions) have often undertaken painting projects with children and they are apparently far more pragmatic about rude words than many adults. Let's all remain free to educate and make up our own minds.

Peace @ Home, Peace in the World!

Arther C. Withernee, Correspondent for WEMW
Report 13 November 2006