Sunday, September 02, 2007

Letter to Burak Bekdil and Mustafa Akyol

Sunday 02 September 2007
Letter to Burak Bekdil and Mustafa Akyol at the TDN...

Dear Burak and Mustafa,

From the film The Life of Brian...
Brian to crowd: You're all individuals!
Crowd replies to Brian: Yes, we're all individuals!

Burak, keep on writing - I like it!
Mustafa, I glanced over your article only because Burak mentioned you in his.
I'm adding your sites to the NPP blog...

No wonder Ampul Kafe is PM when two fellows such as yourselves continue to argue the toss. A wealthy Turkish Muslim businessman told me the other day he believes there should be a little bit of religious education in schools and that if I, as a "Christian", had not read the Bible I could not know God. As I search the depths of my own intellectual argument I can only reply: What a load of bollocks!

How many Bibles, Korans and additional material must I read before I too am aware of the "deeper and true meanings and understandings" of religious doctrine or even Ataturk. Is one not born with instinct as to what feels right or wrong, good or bad? Or is it just me?

Personally, I have just finished Harry Potter 7 and have seen the light! Arsene Wenger is the Messiah!

Peace @ Home, Peace in the World and all that!

Arther C. Withernee