Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fair well Turkiye

This is an open letter passed to Arther C. Withernee by NPP for the attention of:
The Turkish Daily News
Chiefs of Staff at the Turkish Military; air, sea and land
The President of Turkiye
The Prime Minister of Turkiye
The Police of Turkiye
The Mayor of Istanbul

NPP have left Istanbul and relocated back to the UK.

To immediate friends and neighbours, the students and the children of Turkiye, thank you for your friendship and hospitality. To the authorities, government and power brokers - you have not properly utilised NPP, nor do you properly utilise and fairly distribute the resources of your nation.

NPP leave you with Ataturk Gulumsuyor at I.C.E.C., 43 paintings at Bakirkoy Bobrek Hastanesi, the image Ataturk Eyes to be used for example commemorate national days such as 29 October and 10 November; we leave the Istanbul Police Department with Gelecege Gulumsemek and several schools and public areas with NPP artwork - all free of charge. Regarding Gelecege Gulumsemek and the Istanbul Police Department, we again ask the Police Chief, Mayor and Governor of Istanbul, where is this portrait? At the Police Station? At one of your private homes? Or have you merely discarded Ataturk altogether?

Attention for the Turkish public: NPP suggests the 'Al Gore Global Warming' pitch is a scam we guard you to beware of allowing the Turkish nation to become embroiled in this scam. Even the Vatican is purporting the same carbon footprint policy which only confirms NPP suspicions. If the Vatican really want to enlighten us, they open the Vatican library to the people of the world in the name of freedom of information. NPP suggest to you it is the sun and the natural warming and cooling of our planetary system affecting our climate. This is why Ned Pamphilon created Moo Gaz in public at Tepe Nautilus Shopping Mall. Indeed, as a point of note NPP completed 3 cows in 3 weeks live on the shop floor in public with the public, yet the official Cow Parade organisers refused to pay even the 500YTL copyright fee.

NPP urge the Turkish government to take a lead on the UFO disclosure issue and implement a national and international drive toward the distribution of free energy for the people of Turkiye and the world. This will have to include an amnesty for all, all those who have controlled and killed over the decades in keeping advanced technology from the rest of us. Paul Hellyer was once considered responsible enough to be the Defence Minister for Canada. He is now publicly speaking upon the subject of UFO disclosure. Invite him to Turkey and listen with open heart and mind...
I paraphrase JP Morgan's answer to Nikola Tesla in 1903...
"Great technology, but I can't put a meter on it."

For those outside Turkey, please be aware, the Turks gave their lives to secure their current national territory and as Ataturk stated, we want nothing more and nothing less. If you had 7 bordering countries in this day and age you too would maintain a strong military. The EU should get it's own house in order before pointing the finger at Turkiye and Turkiye get your house in order regardless. I suspect it is not necessary for you to join the EU when you can form trade relations as with any nation in the world.

As for 'Turkishness'. What is the problem? It is simple:
"Everyone bound to the Turkish state through the bond of citizenship is a Turk"
President Ahmet Necdet Sezer November 2004

NPP exhibited at the Ciragan Kempinski December 2006 and generated income for Losemli Vakfi and Turkish collaborators. Ataturk portraits and Turkish inspired artworks were sold. In 2008 the same Ciragan denied NPP an exhibition because Ned Pamphilon is not Turkish; because Ned Pamphilon has the wrong passport. So be it, he has returned home. NPP thank the two Turkish businessman who separately sponsored and organised my relocation. They know who they are.

In past years Ned has sat at Turkish dining tables and argued in support for Tony Blair's decision to invade Iraq. NPP feels shame for this misguided opinion and asks for forgiveness. Look to Ataturk and Republican candidate Ron Paul for direction on foreign policy. Neither the US nor UK have right to be in Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else. God forbid there should be an incursion into Iran.

NPP windows shook 3 times while in Istanbul: during the 1999 earthquake, in 2003 when Roger Short and his colleagues were murdered and on 9/10 when a suicide bomb detonated in Taksim Square. Since then, 9/11 has subsequently affected everybody and if you believe 4 planes flew around US airspace undetected for even an hour and that those '3' steel high rise World Trade Centre buildings came down at free fall speed because of fire, you have been fooled. They blamed 19 Muslims and the world just accepts it. Beware, for the next false flag operation may well be a pretend UFO invasion. You may laugh, but be awake and aware.

People of Turkiye, NPP bid you fair well and ask you to Think! Dusun!

Yours sincerely,
Ned Pamphilon Productions
Yurtta Bagis, Dunyada Bagis - Peace at Home, Peace in the World.

Arther C. Withernee, Correspondent for WEMW
Report 29 April 2008