Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is it official BBC policy to side-line Ron Paul?

Ned has written to the BBC; again...

Attention: BBC Radio 4 The Today Programme, PM Programme, iPM and all of you.

Is there an official policy within the BBC to ignore US Presidential election candidate Ron Paul? I do not understand why the BBC is blatantly ignoring the good story which Ron Paul is. I can only assume it is because some one does not want us to hear what Ron Paul has to say. He's breaking internet records, fund raising records, he so personable and debates extremely well. For example he is consistently beating Rudolph Giuliani, yet Rudolph Giuliani is included in your reports and profiles while Ron Paul is not. I specifically refer to the the BBC website...
e.g. today's page link...
or another e.g...

On the right hand side there is a box labelled
Pick a candidate
...under which every name in the US election crops up except Ron Paul.

Don't you follow the real news?! It's 22.01.2008 and as I write Ron Paul has raised $3,262,810. 21 in the latest period - indeed another $1,000,000 since last night!

Don't tell me he is not newsworthy or a serious candidate because I will reply you are merely incompetents repeating a bias party line.

I have joined and sent this message to the Ron Paul website...

Dear Dr. Paul,

you are the most refreshing politician I have heard in years. The rest are the same old story. I'm not sure about the pro-life (I support abortion for those who wish to choose it), but otherwise this Englishman in Istanbul is amazed at how the media and particularly the BBC in the UK is ignoring you. If I can help in any way please call me. What more can I say?

Vote Ron Paul - I will never forget how he has been neglected by the world media - never. British BBC, you are a shame and a disgrace. One day the general public will realise how much of a difference the BBC's indifference made to me. John Humphreys, Eddie Mair et al shame on you all.

I cannot believe your bias reporting - now I know it is official: you are all incompetent sheep.

Istanbul, Peace at Home, Peace in the World

24 January, we received a reply...

Dear Mr. Pamphilon:

Thank you for contacting my congressional office regarding my candidacy for President of the United States. There are strict limits on congressional offices' involvement in campaigns. Therefore, your e-mail is being forwarded to the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee that can be involved in matters related to my presidential campaign. The committee's website is http://www.RonPaul2008.com/.

Thank you again for contacting my office.


Ron Paul

Confirmation # 1220962

I cannot guarantee the integrity of the text of this letter if it was not sent to you directly from my Congressional Email Account: rep.paul@mail.house.gov. If you have any questions about the validity of this message, please email me at: rep.paul@mail.house.gov or call my Washington, DC office at: (202) 225-2831.

Arther C. Withernee, Correspondent for WEMW
Report 22 January 2008