Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Minister Talking Out Of His Proverbial Rear Carbuncle

An open letter to the Turkish Daily News passed to Arther C. Withernee for WEMW

Re: Dolmabahçe faces 5-star 'suffocation'

Yet another one, this time the so called culture and tourism minister, is talking out of his proverbial rear carbuncle. Negative, ill-informed moaning and groaning from yet another politician devoid of intelligent vision, common sense or culture. How such a nation could give the world a man of vision like Mustafa Kemal and also serve up idiots to positions of power who merely kowtow to their own private interests and bizarre agendas, whatever they may be, is mind boggling.

Thank goodness I left Turkiye and am away from these twits currently promoting your country. Perhaps Mr. Ertugrul Gunay feels London should demolish the Lloyd's and Gherkin buildings for suffocating The Tower of London? Cities are cities and tourism ministers thankfully come and go. Hopefully, the next one will focus on positive progressive visions rather than sit on his backside stuck in the past.

To the Swiss Hotel and Ritz-Carlton Gokkafes: of course in the Turkish business world of diplomatic sensitivities and political correctness, you will not dare, but should you ever require it, I am at your service.

And, while I'm about it, I do not align myself with descriptions such as Kemalist, communist, Islamist, fascist, pacifist, Taoist, Buddhist, poohist or any other ist, but if Egemen Bagis deems the AKP as Kemalist, I am the Queen of Sheebist.

Turkey, when you have seen the light and ridden yourselves of these backward prehistoric numbskulls, call me, I'll be your culture and tourism minister.

Ned Pamphilon
Universal artist from the constellation of Lyra.

Arther C. Withernee, Correspondent for WEMW
Report 30 June 2008