Monday, January 14, 2008

Your BBC Posting has been removed

I have recently had posts removed from the BBC PM blog, so I posted again and now this has been removed...

Dear PM Blog Moderator, PM & iPM, the Today programme and in particular you Messrs Mair & Humphreys; from whom I expect much better standards,

PM Blog Moderator has replied to me stating:
Thank you for contributing to a BBC site. Unfortunately we've had to remove your Posting below because it contravenes the House Rules.
URL of content (now removed):

Exactly how did my post contravene House Rules? I guess because I suggested the politician saying he would be happy to live by a nuclear dump was lying and that I'd gladly tell the MF to his face? Or was it because I suggested Al Gore and his global warming Nobel prize is a pile of bull? Nevermind...

My argument is straight forward - we have free energy in our world today, but the powers that be are not sharing it with us.

Watch this collection of experienced and qualified people from
inform you further...

Why are we still debating tired, inefficient, old ideas with tired inefficient politicians and spokes persons? It will change and you can either involve yourselves with the relevant debate or stay stuck in the past. Your programmes are currently not meeting the required standards of investigative reporting.

JP Morgan said to to Tesla: "Great technology, but I can't put a meter on it."
Now born again Catholic Tony Blair is going to work for JP Morgan. It stinks.

Ron Paul is among the most interesting, refreshing and increasingly popular candidates for the US Presidency in decades and yet you are missing this real and emerging story.

Has the ex Canadian Defence Minister suddenly lost the plot? Is he now deemed a nutter to be avoided by the BBC? This is a very interesting example of news you have simply not addressed at all: Paul Hellyer and Paola Harris - Part 1 etc...

Gore cries global warming and probably greater taxation on the public while prominent and respected persons are claiming alternative energy sources.

Why isn't Bush Snr. taking action against Russel Bland for the comments made by David Icke on the Russel Brand show? Icke and Brand alleged Bush Snr. is a paedophile. Why is it left to BBC Radio 2's Russel Brand to raise these matters? I cannot abide his nauseating style, but at least he is doing what you are not: addressing important news issues...

David Icke is right - you guys are mostly repeaters. Why do you allow yourselves to be this way?

Arther C. Withernee, Correspondent for WEMW
Report 14 January 2008